Character Problem with Stay on Screen

How do I…

So, I applied Stay on screen, and what happened was that the character stood still for a few moments before moving left, even though the character was still on screen, how can I fix this by chance?

What is the expected result

That the character should be able to move left on the screen with the behavior applied.

What is the actual result

I think maybe the game shows that he is on screen, but in the games code, it thinks he is out of the screen’s boundaries.

Related screenshots

Did you press any keys? Do you have any events? Do you use layers and camera movement? Can you screen snip the events?

Well, the only event I have is when the bullet touches the player, it deletes the player, that’s all I have, and also, I was at the border of the screen, which is what I was talking about, when I was at the full right side of the screen, touching the border of the game screen, I pressed left, and the player took a couple moments after to move left. Which could explain why it looks like he was on screen.

and like I said in the What is the actual result section, “I think maybe the game shows that he is on screen, but in the games code, it thinks he is out of the screen’s boundaries.”

I dont know maybe its just your bug i also made a game long ago with stay on screen on players but they dont get stuck.

This is the game
NOTE:the controlsare all weird like player one moves with w and e keys for left and right and then player 2 moves with i and o keys.Check it to tell me if the players in my game get stuck and if they dont then maybe its a bug just for you?

Do you have walls on each side on the screen? If so, that might be the case.
I DON’T have walls anywhere, just the bullet and the player. thats all.

Nope i have no walls Why would i even need them Its only your problem buddy

@TrueMarioFan12L1ALT, are you able to replicate this issue with a very simple/basic project? I’ve tried myself, and cannot recreate the issue.

Also, have you tried deleting the object and regenerating it to see if that solves it?

oh, I figured that was prob the issue…

I am gonna delete it then regenrate it, hopefully it works.

It doesn’t work, I tried the same ones, Top Down pixel perfect movement, and Stay on Screen, yet still has the same issue.

Ok, I’m out of ideas on this one. If you don’t mind, would you mind zipping up the project and putting it on a shared drive to be downloaded so we can work on it? PM me the link if you’re more comfortable with that.

Sure! I can try and send the link to the mediafire containing it!

Bullet Hell Madness-1_0_0-windows Here you go!

It could be your pixelperfect behaviour jumping your character around a bit, something similar happened to me. Change your stayonscreen margins to 2 and see if that stops it happening (assuming your pixel size is 1 in topdowndownmovement)

Ok, I’m gonna do that

Ok, I did it, but the same problem is still sort of existant, maybe I need to increase the margins until it works? (my pixel size IS 1 btw)

That’s the executable. We’re after the project/source.

I would like to share some of my ideas even if its just a thoery can i do that?

Guys for some reason i cant open project of this game file because it says i dont have authority so can you please send me the photos of the events and if possible then the video and game link
Also one of my theory is that the extension got glitched so try to reinstall the stay on screen behaviour.And to whome did you apply this behaviour to?The scene or an object.