Chatbox or IRC Channel

Hep !

I know there is another one post about this (“chat”), but i’d like to open a new one : frequently some users of the forums are asking me for skype/icq or other id to ask for questions directly through chat…

I think the best way for this is to create a “room” were available people will join it. i don’t know wich system could be compatible with the board system used here, but i think basically to features are needed :

  • SSO to be sure on person is the same on both forum and chat
  • Private chat between members

A IRC channel would be really nice, i used it in a lot of devs communities.

Sorry if this post can be considerated as spam due to the other topic, but i’d really like to know who is interested in such features. If half of the actives person on the forums are interested into joining the chat then, it could be really helpful in game developpement and GDevelop support.

Just up this post if you are interested, if it’s not possible on the forum (technically or time issue) i’ll create a dedicated IRC channel.