Check if value of string object variable is equal to another

I think it a bug.

In HTML5 project if I want to check if the value of string object variable is equal to another string object variable, doesn’t work.

I have uploaded an example to here: … sp=sharing

It works with integer variable but doesn’t with string variable.

It’s normal, you’re using a condition using parameters that are waiting for a number, not a string. You cannot compare string with this condition! :wink: By the way, Object.Variable(variablename) return the numbercontained in the variable, which is probably 0 as you set a text and this text can’t be converted to a number.
Use the condition to compare the string of a variable instead :slight_smile:

That’s weird as it works in native project with string variables too :confused:
There is a bug in native project then (but a useful bug this time) :smiling_imp:

EDIT: I see, in native platform it returns 0 for both expression so the value is equal and the condition become true anyway and runs the action.

Thanks again, I’ll compare the string of the variable then. :wink: