Chicken and sheep - Published and updated!

Hey guys!

In one sentence: “Send obstacles at the right time to score points!”

I’ve made an easy to learn hard to master, time killer arcade game where your only goal is to SEND obstacles by tapping on the screen.

It has two different themes. All graphics, animations and sounds were made entirely by me :smiley:.

You have to have phone or tablet with at least 2GB of RAM (I needed to exclude older phones and that was the only way I was able to do it)…

Without further ado, here’s the link:

In case the link doesn’t work please type “Chicken and sheep” in google play store search bar and it should be the first icon on the list (with smiling plank).

I don’t want to waste your time so there’s only one more thing.
If you can please write your review and give it 5 STARS rating it really helps a lot.

Thank you :slight_smile:.

Anyway, I really hope you’ll like it. It’s a great time killer. I’ve been playing it for almost 4.5 months now and I’m still coming back from time to time to kill some time ;D.

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hi, look great! will install later :smiley:
take a look at mine :slight_smile: … t.CrackEgg