Choosing background music

How do people choose background music for their games? Specifically, choosing freely-available music online. Given the number of sites and the large number of tracks within those sites, how do people narrow down the options to find one or two pieces for their game?

Are there categories you look at specifically? Tempos? Keywords you search for? Or is it just a matter of trying all different ones while playing your game to see what ‘fits’?

CONTEXT TO PERSONS WANNA KNOW “what music i gonna import to my game?”

It depends on how deep or sincere you are in your work:

  • Some persons put similar music to make similar biomes (the notes in the music are differents, differents instruments, melodies and others, that make you notice every single biome differently)

  • Other persons, don’t care the music, just is a complement… That… i don’t like…

  • The last group, people who take or create music for the purpose of transmitting, the memory of a time, elicits a reaction or feeling, notices a feeling that feels familiar or captivated (in some way) and wants to translate that into their game to see if the player feels the same.

There is not a catalog or a correct way to “eliminate or reduce” the search, since each person has certain tastes and perceives or reacts to music in one way or another.

Personally I think that to “discard” you must analyze your game in depth and know what you want to transmit, something that is simple but can be forgotten in the process is… with the final result, are you satisfied?
Tools to make or use free music are relatively easy to find!


But maybe you mean one specific part, a big number of musics can stay in that moment, right?
Well in that moment, I would say that a music that is related to the style of my protagonist / s
(Unless it’s a section of antagonists, there it would be the other way around: V)

In case the protagonist is random?! (Because in that game, the gamer can change the protagonist skin or others)
I think one about the zone represents game

And in case map are X and character are Y, mmm… that case “what i wanna do?” Obviously i don’t put heavy metal in puzzle game, but in puzzle I want to put an unexpected twist that generates tension I try to use 2 musics in this situation 2 musics that highlight the difference between these events, but at the same time do not feel distant between them (One electronic and one orchestral next to each other, it feels a bit forced, that’s why we must make a good music 7w7)

In my case i like orchestral and electronic, It is the musical style that attracts me the most, also because of my first game, which I have a lot of affection for, contains very pleasant music and rhythm, so if I search, it would be from that category since it will be well implemented to what I want to represent

I don’t go to the library and look “well… was is the best ranked or the most viral?” I don’t try every music.
Literally i am just feeling something and I wanna you feel to! (Nothing strange here 7_7)

I hope this answers you, I answered as completely as possible to cover all those points that I think are important when deciding what music to look for, try and at what times or decisions to make to decide “that one in particular”.

Thanks to read me! (really long, no?)

What is easy.
Just find same game and listen OST of it. And then just find similar music compositions.
And do not try to write your own music - this is really difficult.
Music shouldn’t be bothersome.

Browse OSTs of games similar to your category and see what fits best for your game. You can listen to soundtracks of games on Spotify.

It depends on the type of game and the type of people who are specifically game-oriented. Sounds directed at children’s play are not the same as sounds directed at adults… All methods are usable to reach the appropriate result.