Why is the web version gimped? Is there a version I can run on a chromebook?

If your Chromebook has been updated to Chrome OS version 70, you can run the Linux version.
It is currently in beta, go to the settings, search for Linux and turn the feature on.
Then you will have a Linux terminal where you can navigate to your GD folder and run using terminal commands.

chmod +x ./gdevelop

Yes, the Linux option is new and interesting… and one day maybe useful. They will have to sort out hardware GPU acceleration, sound, and shared file access for that to happen. Right now, it’s good for running a backend server for a toolchain like Phaser or Babylon… but pretty useless for editing.

Yeah, performance could be better but I’m sure it will come soon. Had the same problem with Android beta and now Android apps do runs on my Chromebook like on any Android device. Shared file access probably not going to come though. For security reason, all Linux and Android apps do run inside a container exactly to prevent any malicious application from causing trouble so Linux apps will be isolated from the rest of the system and will be restricted to access what is inside the container only just like the Android apps. File sharing between Chrome/Linux/Android apps never be a thing by default for security reasons.

However, you can already copy/move files between Chrome/Linux/Android container using the Chrome file browser. Both Android and Linux container has an entry point in the Chrome file browser where you can access files that you or the apps you are using has been created in the container and you can freely copy and move them to anywhere you want. If you want to access the actual Linux and Android file system you can install a Linux and Android file browser, in case of Linux you can also use the terminal. But accessing the Chrome and Android file system from a Linux app and vice-versa never going to happen on Chrome OS at least not by default. All 3 file system will be isolated from each other for good.

When I try to run gdevelop with chmod +x ./gdevelop and
./gdevelop, I receive the following error:

./gdevelop: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

All I did was unzip the tar.gz to the folder. Am I missing something?

You need to install the missing library libnss3. In case you are not familiar with the Linux terminal I recommend to install synaptic.

sudo apt-get install synaptic

After you should have a new application to launch called Synaptic. This application allow you to search, browse and install libraries using a GUI.

i tried doing this, it still didnt work, it wouldnt show synaptic in the app launcher and it didnt show any sign of it being downloaded either. please help

I am sorry if it sounds rude but I don’t think here is the right place to ask. You should try another place, like a chrome OS forum. And this topic is more than 1 year old, please do not necropost, there is a low chance anyone will answer and decrease the visibility of your question. Create a new topic instead. You can also link your new topic to an old one (example this one) if you want :wink:.

May you please help me? I have an HP Chromebook with Intel Celeron N3060 Dual Core.
I’m having trouble getting Gdevelop on it using Linux. I downloaded the file from gdevelop website but when I put (chmod +x ./gdevelop) in the terminal it says ./gdevelop: No such file or directory.
Please Help me I really want to make a game using Gdevelop.

Did you extract the tar.gz archive and in the terminal did you navigate to the gdevelop folder?

Regardless, I’m afraid it is not going to be usable. Linux support is not very good on cheap Chromebook, or any Chromebook. It is still experimental, beta in Chrome OS and don’t support GPU acceleration on many Chromebooks. I was hoping it is going to be improved fast, but seems it is not a priority for Google especially not for old and cheap Chromebooks that going to lose support soon anyway.

So, in case you have only a Chromebook and you are serious about making games on a Chromebook, your only real option is Construct 3.

If you just want to have some fun, play around with ideas, you can use the web version of GDevelop:

There is also GameFroot:

And if you don’t mind coding, there is PlayCanvas: