Cidadela - Platform Game


*** Update *** Game now is fully translated to English:

This is a personal project that I am working on in past 10 months. It is far from complete because I do it on my free time. It is a platform game inspired in games that I love such as castlevania …etc. The game is done under a design inspired on 8bit games. For now it is done only in my mother language Portuguese. Game design, sound and music are all created by me.

Gdevelop is a incredible platform and I have a lot to be thankful for this game development tool and to this forum. Both provide me the necessary in order to realize an old dream to create my own game. Thank you! :slight_smile:

  • The player will grow in abilities(new powers can be unlock + increase life bar) and will be able to accumulate items in a simple inventory system.
  • Each scenario will have lock/hidden places that need to be open.
  • For now I have only 1 stage almost ready. My plan is to have 10 stages + a final boss stage.
  • You can free prisoners that can give you items, teach about what do you need to do in the stage and give you info about the game world history. Those free hostages will accumulate in the player achievements in order to provide extra bonus in the future.

Quick history:
“The island of Colabam is mercilessly dominated by the Eslariom empire. The red warriors receive a mission to free the people and bring the revolution. In order to accomplish this goal, they need to defeat 10 imperial overlords.”

Game Intro:



I’m surprised that there are no comments yet.

I really like the graphics. Good luck!

Hey, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

There still a long road ahead because I want to polish and make the game as big as possible! But, I will be able to setup a demo very soon for the entire first stage!

Looking good! Keep it going! :slight_smile:

Good work!! Keep going !

Thank you Jubeliuksen3 and Kink! I will have a demo in a couple weeks. I will keep your all posted here.

Nice work :slight_smile:

Thank you LucaTexas! :slight_smile:

Very soon I will have more updates + DEMO!!

Hi People of World!

My game demo is done, ready to download and my Game Jolt page is also done(

I am very happy to get to this point, it was a long journey of learning and work in the game.

thank you all very much!

Interesting, I like the atmosphere of the game and the art.

Few thoughts:
-english menu would be nice, even if you don’t translate the story but at least the menu

-I think on each screen should be displayed what key to press, pause, game over, main menu

-when you hit an enemy in my opinion the enemy should be knocked back so the player have time to hit it again without get damaged as currently the enemy just keep moving toward the player and can not avoid damage especially if multiple one is attacking. May worth considering to add knock-back attack so I can attack and knock-back the enemies in two separated actions. Could be fun. More stronger the enemy is the less distance I can make between us…

-when I get close to the enemies but I’m standing on a platform above them they start moving toward me and they end up walking directly below the player and follow my movement which is make it almost impossible to get down without get damaged by the enemy. It could be frustrating at times so instead of checking distance on both X ad Y axis, in my opinion you should check distance only on the X axis and check the position on the Y. So if the player is about in the same Y position as the enemy within a range and the distance on X is <= something then attack.

And few bugs that maybe caused by my AV as it put the game in to an isolated environment and heavily analysing it behaviour but I make a list anyway:
-I experience lag it can be caused by many things but I have just discovered recently if you set the images to be loaded all the time it helps reducing lag.

-sometime I get stuck on the game over screen, whatever I press, nothing is happening

-I’m unable to reproduce it but one time when I was exit to the main menu, when I returned the player no longer attacked on pressing the key. I was able to move and jump but can not attack.

-I experience lag it can be caused by many things but I have just discovered recently if you set the images to be loaded all the time it helps reducing lag.

How does that help?

By default images kept in memory only as long it needed. When an image no longer required it get deleted from memory and loaded again when needed to keep memory usage low. But from my experience the actual process of loading/unloading images causing lag sometime. If you set an image to be loaded all the time, it kept in memory as long the game is running and don’t need to be deleted and loaded again and again and it helps with the lag (if it the cause) but require more memory obviously.

So what happens when more memory is used?

Probably the game is going to crash when all the available memory is used.

In case of a big game you need to consider the available memory in the target devices and select which images kept in memory all the time and which one is not. Probably the ones that used the most in your entire game are the better choice to keep it in memory.

Then how much memory is allocated for a gdevlop game?

No memory is allocated for GDevelop, it got access to all available RAM in your device.
For example If you have 2GB of images to load, then devices with less then 2GB of available RAM going to have problems so when you select images to be loaded all the time, you need to consider the amount of available RAM in the devices you want to target.

Thank you ddabrahim! Your gave me great feedback! I will incorporate a lot of it in my next update! Thank you!

Hello People!

Hey, new update. I just add a full English translation to the game. I find a good way to do it now instead of in the future. : )