CiVi (Version 1.2.17)


Update 1.2.17: It has been a long journey. Totally custom splash screen. Bugs fixed. Tutorial implemented. Two more languages added (Can be found in “Options”).

Hello people. I’d like to show you my first ever finished and published game. Totally made in GDevelop. It’s a clicker in which you have to pop viruses that are trying to infect you. Each virus is different and the new one is always stronger than the previous one. The game itself is divided into 5 waves, each wave has its own boss.

To download it use one of the links below. I’d like to hear your opinion about the game so leave the comments.


                                                                                                                        Peace =)

Hey, try it out now, maybe the link was broken…

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hey this is neat for a simple bash about!

i like the retro buttons - i am creating a retro game myself and i like these.

some things of note:

  1. how did you get the sound to play when you click a button and then it goes to another screen? i couldn’t get this to work in my current game i am making. my buttons just go straight to the next screen with no sound.
  2. when you go to help or tips, you cannot get back to the main game and have to quit the app.
  3. i thought it was fun to play overall :slight_smile:
  4. i think you will have some great ideas for your next game
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Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it =)

About tips, I didn’t give the possibility to skip them, you have to wait till the end and then the “back” button will appear (it’s 20 seconds)

About button’s music, I’ll explain how I did it to you in detail tomorrow.