Click select item and change item's animation

i started a escape room game.
i want this: if i clik a item change item’s animation to #1 , click again item or click another item change animation to #0

which part of what you want to do gives you trouble? Do you have any events?

i click bedleg, animation change 0 to 1 …click again not change 1 to 0

Hi, this happens because changes the animation every frame you hold down the mouse button.
You need to tell the game to only change the animation once when you click it.

To solve it,try something like this - I used global variable:

the justPressed variable makes sure the animation is only changed once.
This is quite messy though

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please watch

inventory item selected, but cant unselect

Hello, try this

In your case, the unselect and select condition is met instantly and that’s why it doesn’t seem to work. Therefore, in the way that I am telling you, you have a trick so that this does not happen.

sure, can you show your events? if Points’ suggestion does not work