Cloud Build Installer is being flagged as "Suspecious" or "Virus" anyone know a way aruond this?

Like the title says… its annoying.

I made an export using the cloud build, then when installing the game, it got flagged by Windows and Avast at the same time.

I know whats going on so i just install it anyways an Windows and Avast now says its ok, but other people dont… thats the annoying part, they hear bell going off and they think theres something wrong with my game :frowning:

Any way around this? or did i not export properly?

…and yes i know if a lot more people use it, the flag goes away… iv been researching this, but cant find any sort of solution, so i thought maybe one of you did :slight_smile:

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Generally most security software employ a “reputation” system. Since the program has not been seen by a security software on any other computer before, it assumes it must be unreputable and could be dangerous. Only if a lot of users start using your program does the security software start seeing your file as reputable.

The way to get around this is to digitally sign your programs, that way if security software sees previous software you’ve written as reputable, it’ll see new software you publish with the same signature as reputable by default too.

Unfortunately these digital signatures are stupidly expensive and need to be renewed often, it’d cost multiple hundreds of euros a year…


That sucks so bad :frowning:

Thank for the explanation @arthuro555 <3