Collision Mask not working with "Automatic collision mask activated" after changing animation

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My example is using Platform Behavior Character with two animations using the automatic collision mask and only one event:

This is the result:

If I remove the “Automatic collision mask activated” the bug not happens even if I set the “Automatic collision mas activated” back.

I won’t post more screenshots or gifs here, but I did other tests without platform behavior trying to collides the objects and the bug also occurred.


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Getting the same bug, hopefully this gets fixed soon. Granted it doesn’t matter whether I change the animation it happens when the automatic collision mask is on either way.

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Hey there, thanks for taking the time to report this.
I confirm I can reproduce it, I created an issue on Github to track this problem: Changing animation with automatic collision mask makes the collision mask non-effective · Issue #5499 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

We’re investigating and working on a fix


Thanks, Clement!

Another issue related to the collision mask change in the new update 5.2.167 is that: The last update 5.2.167 disappeared with some options inside the editing of points

I don’t know if it’s more practical to investigate both together…

Thanks, it was indeed related to the same change. This will be fixed as well :+1:

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