Collision not detected during first time

Hello everyone. I was using GDevelop yesterday and that’s when I found something. Don’t know if it’s a bug but, I made a scene where there is an object called disappear. And whenever I collide with it, it should get deleted.

But the strange thing is when I hold my space button and collide with the floor. See what I am trying to tell:
See what I am trying to tell in action:
Although, you don’t see player even touching the platform, that’s because of screen recorder.

While I have no context/clues that could help solve your issue, people won’t be able to fully assist without seeing your events for deleting that object.

I’ve noticed that checking for a standard collision between platformer character and platform is never detected. I suspect the platform behaviours moves the objects apart (in the physics update?) before the scene events are run.

This is what I was talking about

You could create a point that sits just below your platform character’s hit box, and check if it’s within a platform’s hit box.

I guess you could use this in conjunction with the “Is On Floor” condition.

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