collision or object creation is not always working

Some objects are not created when it is called simultaneously.
Please help.

Please proceed to this link.

AFAIK the code in the image should work, how different is the logic used in the game?, can you share a screenshot from it, or send me the game in a PM? :slight_smile:

Strange. The order that the squares get destroyed is always the same if you click on the same square, so that suggests it is something about the order that things are being processed that is causing the problem. Possibly there are occasions where the square object is destroyed before it can create the direction objects.

It seems that getting hit by a ‘right’ object is far less likely to cause the production of four new direction objects, so is there anything different about the conditions/actions for that collision?

Thanks guys… :smiley:
Here is the game file: (4.18 KB)

I tried creating another game with simultaneous collision, still some objects are not created

Sorry, I totally forgot it :blush:
I find the error, check this:

Event 12.1: If there are multiple blocks that in the same frame has size >= 4, just one up/down/left/ight is created for all of them, so you have to add a “For each block” loop:

You can move the actions and conditions from 12.1 (sub-event) right into the “For each” loop to avoid the unnecessary sub-event, let me know how it works :slight_smile:

Also note that there is a little non-error that is not noticeable, the same event (12.1) is launched every frame, so when a block has size >= 4 you start to reduce its scale, but it still has variable size >= 4 so you keep creting arrow objects until the block is deleted in event 12.2 . It’s not noticeable because the events 4.2 - 4.5, which keep deleting any extra arrow created. As I said it’s not an error but I want to let you know in case that in the future you have problems with it :slight_smile:

Oh my god its working! LOL

…Thanks a lot Lizard-13!
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