Color picker off screen, not able to pick up particles color!

When I create a particle object, and go forward to change the start and end colors of the particle, I am able the change the start colors of particle by clicking on that click to choose and then selecting the color, but when i go ahead to select the end color, i am not able to because that color picker goes a bit below my screen, hence not able to select the color? Is it only me or everyone else pls suggest me any solutions!!

Can you give a screenshot ?

Look at the above screenshot the particle end color is selected

then I scrolled a bit down thinking that this will make that box come up, but that didn’t work

and in this above screenshot particles start color is selected.
this is a completed project
so I tried the same by opening a brand new project the same kind of thing happened but this time that box was a bit up but not completed in the screen, no matter where I scroll that remains there!

I also had this issue on my laptop. Not sure how I solved it tho.