Color tiled sprite

Please how can I change the color of a tiled sprite with time e.g. as the time increases then the sprite will keep on changing color

Hi JADO, you really didn’t say what should start the color change and when it should end and what you had already tried. So perhaps my example is not what you want, but it seemed like a fun idea to try. I gave a white sprite the tween behavior and my example has the color change looping.



Is it possible to apply this to a tiled sprite
I did not know that tween could do this, I guess I’ll have to watch the video on it

I learned something new. Thanks Bubble As long as you add the Tween behavior, it appears that all object types have the action although, I didn’t test the results.

You can also use Random() or RandomInRange for any or all of the red, green, blue values. Just remember the color is a string with the value from 0 to 255 for red, green and blue seperated be a semicolon. example: “0;0;0” to “255;255;255”