Comparison to Construct 3?

The pricing of Construct 3 is a hundred per year, while GDevelop is free. How do these compare other than the price? Can I publish my games on Steam, consoles, etc.? Am I able to make games like Cuphead or Hollow Knight with GDevelop vs Construct 3?

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Yes, controllers are supported since two release of GD5.
This game is made with GDevelop !
Hyperspace Dogfights

GD5 don’t have yet light system.
GD is constitualy in developpement, i’am sure this feature will come

Regarding publishing to Steam and Console, in GD you don’t have any ‘easy’ ways (plugins) out of the box to integrate with any platform specific services like achievements, leader boards…etc.

Regarding lights, this feature have been requested for a very long time but no one shown any sign of any intention to implement it in to HTML5/GD5, so I would not hold my breath waiting for someone to implement it in the near future.
Though this is the second time Bouh seem to be optimistic regarding someone may going to implement it, maybe he knows something :innocent:

Not at all,but I know that the object groups can be global in the next update if my code passes the review.
I don’t have the skills to make the lights, it’s too big for me. However, even if this graphical feature is not there, other more practical features in event management are already present to simplify the work.

Sorry to hear that, I was really hoping you might be cooking something for being so optimistic for not the first time regarding lights might come in the future.

Yes but lights and shadows can be very important aspects of a game and without some sort of lights either fake or dynamic GD5/HTML5 doesn’t really support those type of games where light and shadows is important for either gameplay or even just creating the atmosphere. Imagine a horror game without dark corners that you can light up with a flare…etc

That’s true, GD5 comes together really nicely. There is only few things remain that I personally miss a lot:
1.Lights either fake or dynamic or both
2. Improved collision mask editor where we can zoom in and out
3. Folder structure in the IDE to sort scenes and objects… flags are nice but I still missing the old and outdated(?) folder structure…

If I would have to choose, this 3 feature would be the top on my list that I really want to see in GD basically since day 1 really, it was a problem for me even in GD4…

But thanks for all the contribution you and others make, everything is highly appreciated of course. :+1:

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It’s in Doing tabs on Trello :partying_face:

it was discussed on Trello.
Tags are another philosophy but they are like folders. In the end, if we look for a tag = we open a folder.
The advantage of the tag is that the object can be in several categories / folders without having any duplication.
I find it strange too but I didn’t have the opportunity to use it on a game project, I prefer to contribute to the source code right now:)