Complete list of Variable Commands on Variables page on Wiki

The title is quite long but I’ll request for a complete list of variables command (not the variable stuff, I mean commands) on the wiki because I think not all users know how to make use of variables on the software. It’s just a request because the knowledge written in the Wiki article is pretty insufficient.

Perhaps a video on how to make use variables will be a great help for others. Thanks for hearing my feedback/request.

Does this page in french answer your question ?

If yes i’ll translate it soon. It’s uncomplete too, it’s onyl maths functions.

I don’t understand your question : all the conditions/actions are shown when you want to add one so you can see Variables related conditions/actions. This is the same for expressions : all the expressions are listed in the expression editor (and even the same for text expressions).

This is what I’m exactly looking for. Yes, please?!

Did you notice the summation symbol (or txt symbol) at right of the expression writing area ( when editing an action/condition)? If you press it the Expression Editor (or Text Editor) will be opened, and depending if the expression is a number or a string, it will show all these expressions :wink:

Poster!ok i’ll translate it then as soon as i can.

@lizard-13 the problem for most of the people is description in functions, if you are not scientist or a «math man», it’s total darkness

In fact, this page already exists in the expression editor documentation.
Look at the second part of this page :