Computer Virus Simulator - awesomely retro 3D platformer!

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Sounds interesting but how actually the gameplay would looks like?
Definitely a virus need to get authorization somehow to be able to access, collect, copy, move, destroy or create anything on your PC. Basically to be able to read and write. The easiest way to do it is to ask for Admin privileges but it works on Linux only if you are dump and maybe not even than. It works on Windows out of the box since you are an Admin by default on Windows but viruses need to deal with Antiviruses and Firewalls on Windows to be able to do that.
So how the gameplay going to looks like? We can just pick things up as in Packman and Mario while need to avoid AV scanners and bots or it gonna be more like a Hacker Evolution sort of gameplay or puzzles or it going to be more like a shooter game? Any hacking involved in the gameplay?

Gameplay would be like any 3D platformer out, as for getting into systems, there is handwave-y story reason for it (won’t spoil anything tho). For levels, unless it is “Kill X enemies” level, you can both play stealthy and attack AV agents. I’ll try to make levels that accommodate both possibilities.

I don’t know about hacking, but level system I have has possibility for both puzzle-y and action-packed levels, so I probably will have both and levels that are mix of those, especially since goal is to have at least 100 levels in the final release.

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