Concept - Is GDevelop the right choice?

Hope I’m throwing this in the right spot!

Have an idea for a game I’d like to try and build out. This is my first attempt at building a game, but I’m not really one to take it slow in the beginning if I don’t have to, and prefer to jump right in whenever possible.

The game I’d like to build is an ‘infinite’ falling game. So, in concept, it’d be a 2-d game where the player falls basically infinitely down a hole, dodging obstacles and maybe collecting some form of reward.

Is this something that GDevelop could handle well enough? I’d prefer for the obstacles to be randomly generated for replay value, not sure if this is something that GDevelop can handle? Digging into tutorials and the like but have yet to stumble across anything quite like this idea built in GDevelop, so before I get too deep into things I want to make sure that there isn’t some sort of glaring thing that makes this idea and GDevelop non-compatible. Or something that would make Gdevelop a worse choice for building this out rather than something else.


There should be no reason GDevelop would not be able to handle such a simple scenario less well than any other tool

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There are some good videos on random generation that could give you some ideas.
Create Random Level Design For Your Video Game - With GDevelop - YouTube
Easy RNG That Has A Big Effect In Your Game - With GDevelop - YouTube

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