Concrete Boots 2 (Mafia strategy game)

Hey there ladies and gents,

The first installment of my mafia game Concrete Boots was well received and has been played many times. It was my first GD project so I learned alot while creating it. Now it is the time to release the 2nd version of Concrete Boots!

Link: Concrete Boots 2

Concrete Boots 2 is a strategy game that gives you the control over a mob boss in a virtual city. There’s a rival (cpu) in town and it is your goal to put him/her out of business and to be the most feared or respected boss in the city.


The game has a very well balanced system of variables that are combined in a way where each choice has a consequence. Every game is unique and there’s multiple ways to finish, or get finished!


Earn money, recruit men, bribe officials, intimidate citizens, extort businesses, kill witnesses, pick your strategy and complete challenges to end up on top of the leaderboards.


Please be aware that this is the first release of Concrete Boots 2 and the game may still contain bugs. If you encounter them feel free to let me know. Any feedback is appreciated, I can use it to improve apects of the game.

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While playing myself I noticed some bugs that I could fix right away, so some bugs you may or may not have noticed are already fixed

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