Concrete Boots (mafia simulation game, test phase)

Hey Guys, first of all let me introduce myself to you all; I’m Ramon, 35 years old and I always wanted to develop my own game. Never really done that untill I came across GDevelop. I’d love to help others as far as I can and to get involved in this community.

Right now I’m working hard on my first game; a mafia simulation / management game where it is your goal to beat your rival. It’s really getting somewhere now, (I have built a city, plenty of options to build your empire) and I’m adding alot more stuff to it in the meantime (like challenges, a highscore, etc). I have a few days link for you to check out where it’s at right now and I’m really looking forward to your feedback as I can use that to improve the game before I will finally release it.

Here’s the link:

Currently disabled

If you have questions regarding how I’ve done certain things feel free to ask.

Some options that are now included in the game:

  • Character select
  • Playstyle statistics
  • Game statistics
  • Different enemy playstyles
  • War / Peace status
  • Recruit men
  • Manage salaries
  • Buy weaponry
  • Do raids
  • Extortion system
  • Business / Racket system
  • Steal cars
  • Attack / Get attacked
  • Court system
  • Bribe system
  • Random generated map
  • Random HQ location
  • Explore map system
  • Streetview
  • Drugmarket system

…and more

I’m planning to release the final game as an .exe file, as it uses your keyboard and some buttons may interfere with your browser controls.

Kind Regards,

“Tommygun” Ramon

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This game is unbelievably quite addictive.

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Thats awesome to hear :slight_smile: More features will be added and if u have any suggestions I’d love to hear them

I feel like the chances of winning in the gambling section should be higher. Like it says 50% but behind the scene, make those stakes a little bit higher.

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Noted, I will work on that.

I attacked my rival or enemy or opponent or whatever you call it, I attacked him. My men were higher in number and even my weapons were good (I had every 5 weapons) but still, I lost. My 4 men died whereas none of my rival’s men died.

I request to improve that too. Like if it was 4 his and 4 mine dead, it would’ve been better. But despite my men being larger in number, my men died whereas none of his did.

The Warpower color indicates how strong you are against your rival. If it’s red, your chances of winning the fight are slim. If it’s orange it’s likely to be even, if it’s green you’re stronger. Buying more weapons and recruiting men will make you stronger. I’m working on the balance of this, i’m considering of upping the weapon prices

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I’m working alot on the streetview too, to make it alot more interactive and give the player more options. Also adding visuals and citizens. But I do wonder if it runs smoothly on your pc without any lag?

After our rival starts going violent, will he ever stop? I mean, turn back to peaceful, will it ever happen?

Right now not, but in the update he will. There’s a big difference between passive, normal and agressive rival’s tho.

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Sometimes, our rival ambushes us twice in a row. Is that bug or intended?

It’s not a bug, just a case of bad luck :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, what are goods in the Waterfront section?

Oh. Never knew about that.

I would love more ways to earn money and also to be able to increase the number of workers I put in work :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I was thinking of letting you select the amount of men to put in the workplace and substract them from the amount of men you hired :slight_smile: More ways of money making coming