Concrete Boots- Mafia Simulation

Become the biggest boss at the top of the leaderboard, build your empire of crime!

Raid, bribe, build rackets and extort! Explore the city and experience that each run is unique! Its up to you; will you serve the city with your garbagecollectors or will you sell heroin through your pizzeria?

The game got released officially. Oh yeah.
An executable file would’ve been better than a web game. But that’s just my opinion tho :slightly_smiling_face:

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My gdevelop didnt generate an exe file, do u know how that works?

Personally, I completely disagree, I rarely play any native PC game because of the time I need to wait for it to download, the space it will occupy if I don’t uninstall it if it is only provided as an installer, the risk of it containing malicious code…
On the other hand I play web games almost systematically since I’ve got nothing to lose with those anyways, except time if it is a good game and makes me stick around :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah. That’s the reason I put

I challenge you to give my game a run :slight_smile: