Contributors list, link github page

GDevelop > help > about gdevelop > contributors

hello, i see my name as contributor but i don’t know why they didn’t refer to my github page

also i noticed some contributors have the note: (High quality extensions for gdevelop)
and others (extensions for gdevelop)

may i know what exactly determine the extensions if its high quality or not, and by who ?
thanks :3

The best practices are listed here:
If your extensions don’t fit everything there, or were sent back to you before being accepted, or were very simple and only replace a small batch of standard events… for example, that wouldn’t be considered ‘high quality’.

For instance, your current topic title is considered low quality as it doesn’t explain what the topic is about.

well, if you read carefully, you would know what the title is about, ill explain for you:
in gdevelpo contribute list, my name is there but its not referring to Github link as the rest is, and i don’t know how to make it happen, and that’s why i opened this topic, now you understand what the tittle mean :sweat_smile:

about the quality thing, my extensions follow the best practices, and i have many of them accepted in gdevelop, also they don’t even accept extensions that is not following the best practices anyway, so i don’t think that’s it :thinking:

Just be careful how you write things - what may be intended as humour can come across as a bit condescending.

Titles should ideally be meaningful. Otherwise there’s a possibility it gets overlooked by those who can update your link and answer what the standard is for an extension to qualify as high qualtiy

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oh definitely a humor, sorry if anyone read it the wrong way >.<
true ill fix the title, in hope someone know what should i do :3

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