Controller Extension Bug

The “Gamepad button released” condition isn’t the same as the “Key released” condition; The key released conditions only tells the action to execute once. The gamepad button released however, runs the action forever and there is no way to stop it. i tried using the “once” sub-condition but that doesn’t seem to fix it. Any possible way to fix it?

I’m not sure that two events for completely different input types behaving differently is really a bug.

That said, I also can’t reproduce this when using the released condition with trigger once in the same condition box of an event.

so how do you fix this issue?

it’s not in the same condition as the event. It is a sub-condition of the event

Subconditions by design do not impact parent conditions, so I’m not sure what test that is supposed to show.

Especially, as you said, key released already only happens once, you’d want the trigger once in the same event as the button released in order to simulate that same functionality.

Just triple checked in a test project. Worked as I would expect with Trigger Once:

X on a PS4 controller, bottom button on any other standard controller.

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