Convert Scene Sprites into a Tile Map, would that be possible?

Iv been doing some research on game development, and more recently on Tile Maps.

Tile Maps seem to drastically increase game performance in many ways… so then i started thinking of ways we could take advantage of this in a simple way.

My idea was…

Would it be possible to do something along the lines of:

  1. On game start, after a scene is finished loading its resources, turn selected Sprites into a Tile Map?

  2. Have an Option for that with a filter? For example, a list we can create with the Sprites we want to merge into a Tile Map after the scene loads.

Im not talking about a full blow Tile Map editor, im just talking about converting the games resources as they are loaded into a Tile Map, to get all the benifits of having a Tile Map in your project.

…is that doable, or something that has to strictly be done before any sort of processing? …and if so, why cant we process it first and then load up the scene or game?

Just a thought, but i am curious if something like that is possible… if so, that would be such an awesome way to improve the engine!

Hi, do you mean to insert all the objects in tiles (map, characters, weapons, etc)?

No i mean, you get to make a list of sprites you want to be turned into one Tile Map, all other sprites stay the same.

That way you could select you background and platforms to become Tile Maps while the character and such stay regular sprites

If I’ve understood correctly, it’s the integration of the spritesheet ? Trello
There’s an Arthuro555 extension.
If it’s not that, it could be a basis for development.