Coyote Time in GD5 Tutorial Video

Hey All,

I’ve been doing some research on how to improve the feel of my game as I work on it. One of the item I was looking into was “Coyote Time”, which is a concept I first heard of in regards to Celeste. In my opinion, Celeste has some of the best feeling player controls in a platformer, so anything I could learn from it was beneficial.

I’ve discovered (and in some cases, invented) a few different ways to do Coyote Time in GD5, and made a tutorial on how to implement it yourself, feel free to check it out here:

I’ve also uploaded an example project you can play and/or download here: GDevelop Coyote Time Example by Silver-Streak

Out of the methods listed, I believe I’m going to personally use the Coyote Timer method, but either method is viable.

I hope this is helpful to other GDevelop users, and if you find any better ways to implement this, let me know!

Just as a note: In the example project I’ve added a few more conditions to the Coyote Timer method just to make it behave more like how I’d personally want it to behave, but the video is still 100% accurate for the underlying concept.


Thanks a lot for this awesome tutorial. I appreciate this .:blush:
Looking forward for more tutorial

Thanks. I try to only make tutorials for something if it is something I had to dig to learn, and someone else hasn’t already covered it effectively. @andriymtv is super great at making quick, effective, and entertaining tutorials, so they usually beat me to it :smiley:

@4ian If you get a chance, have a look at the example project and see if it’s something that’d be worthwhile including on the example page. Coyote Time itself is an advanced concept and I’m not sure if such a specific thing qualifies to be included or not. (no worries either way)

Great tutorial, thanks!