Crack The Egg

My first game it has been just published :smiley: … t.CrackEgg

It is very simple, hope you like it :slight_smile:

Actually not bad for a concept. With some nice music sound effect, achievements, nice graphics and animations could be fun.

Few thoughts:
Chicken seems to appears out of nowhere, I think they should appear only from eggs if we did not crack it in time.
It seems multi touch is not implemented, sometime egg doesn’t crack when I touch it.
It really need some sort of music and sound effects and option to toggle on and off.
Some sort of high score, how many chickens we had after how much time. Less chicken after longer time is better.
In case you plan to add an ad banner so we click it by accident, forget it. I do uninstall games right away when I see anything like that. I don’t care if it a good game or not :imp:

thanks for your opinion. Yes it needs a lot of work :wink:
I add chikens to increase difficulty :smiley: I’ll have to think about a different approach.
I’m trying to add the high score option but don’t know how :confused:
I didn’t implemented multitouch.
Ad banners are not for accifdental click but maybe I’ll keep interstitial and remove banner.

Hi, improved a lot of things, I would appreciate more feedback