CRAHES AND game saves losts

While making levels of my game, gdevelop suddenly stucked and non-responding. I closed and reopend gdevelop but my all levels gone :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: also I found other issues while making game.

I think g develop is not enough mature to make commercial level games…

I think you could be more precise so that we can fix the issue. How are we supposed to find the bug with the description you gave us ? :confused:
You can also save more often.

If I’m not mistaken doesn’t Gdevelop autosave every three minutes? You should have only lost up to three minutes of work by loading the autosave.

Yes but that a lot of hardwork in developing 3 levels that just lost

So, can you describe more precisely the crash ?

When I close variable window of object then at that moment while the window is closing then after window closed then Gdevelop become unresponsive.

This issue occurs when I open/close object variable windows many times as I have many objects on the scene so that I have to edit each and every object variable window…

This time again when opening variable window of object Gdevelop goes unresponsive.

This usually occurs when editing many objects variable through it’s window

In the screen shot below black dots are objects and i have to edit their variables one by one

Please, avoid creating multiple topics for the same bug. Can you try to reproduce the issue while watching the RAM consumption of GDevelop (shown as GDIDE.exe in the task manager) ?

Saying that is going to get you lots of help -.-
Anyways I haven’t had any problems with it so far, and usually if it does freeze or not respond I can load the autosave.
And I don’t see why he/she didn’t try that yet. Does it work different on mac or something maybe? Also maybe make a note to save it yourself would be helpful?

Hi, just wanted to tell that it’s good thing to save your work regularly. Even you forget that if Gdevelop craches there is a automatic save file you can reload and save it when you reopen Gdevelop.

Caught the error…
When I was selecting the object and then going to edit it’s variable, instead of variable window this wired window occurs see in picture

And the Memory usage of Gdevelop before pressing OK is given below

and when I press OK then variable window disappear and when I again select and edit the variable then at that Time a window suddenly appears and suddenly disappears and Gdevelop freezes
After freez memory consumption is

Ya, crashes suck. And yes this program does crash often. I learned to keep saving my work and take handwritten notes. Nothings more disturbing then working through a problem and crashing. Again, a notepad will be your friend. Also when it locks up or chashes, I wait3 min and load the autosave file first. Saves alot of time and headaches, but not always. Just do like I said, it helps.

This is the fourth time you create a post about your crash (which is always the same) !
Please consider posting a reply to your original post…
By the way, I asked you to share your game so that we can fix the crash.

Never saw a lot of crash in GDevelop. You could be more precise about the crash so we can fix it. Your message doesn’t help…

So, no news nor help to find the bug ?

Sorry just seen the post. We’ll I haven’t noticed what triggers the crash. Just kinda randomly crashes at times. I will post back if I find something triggering a crash though :slight_smile: