CRASH when adding and then deleting folder group

i got this when i clicked on add folder group icon and then deleting was just a 3 secs test.

VIDEO HERE ----> 1.64 MB file on MEGA

Hi @RMDB - if you have a Github account, could you please click on the button “report the issue on Github” when you have this error.
This will create an issue that you can share here and would give us the details of the error so we can track its cause.

(can’t reproduce on web or desktop)

i see…so it should be an issue with my project.
i guess i’ve too many obj in the list…i’m going to register since i don’t have github.

issue sent on github,btw it says task done

Thanks for creating the issue
Unfortunately, you didn’t add more details in there.
Have you used the purple button “Report the issue on Github” on the error message? This should add the stacktrace of the error into the issue so we can see where this is coming from.

Yes i clicked the button and it sent me to open the issue page…
gonna try again…
it opens this page.

Oh that’s disappointing :thinking:
It was supposed to open the issue directly with the details in it, we’ll need to update this. Thanks for testing it out.

Could you try creating a new empty project and see if the issue happens as well?
If the error isn’t there, it could be useful to share your project with us so we can reproduce it and fix it.
If that’s ok with you, you can zip your project and send it via