Crazy Moles (Android)

Hello everybody!

Here is our first game created on GDevelop and published on the playstore.
The game is called Crazy Moles and it’s a modern version of the whack a mole game.
You can download it on this link: … crazymoles

Please enjoy! Waiting for your comments!
Also, We would like to thank the GDevelop team for making a great work.

The story:

Help Bob to smash the tricky moles!
Hit a maximum of moles before the end of the countdown.
Remember to collect time bonuses, and not to touch the bomb that make you lose points!
Ah and also, beware of some moles that throw mud…


Really nice game!
It reminded me of a mini-game in Barnyard video game.
I like it.

Would be great if You answer some questions about your game.

Which version of GDevelop did You use?
Which way of compiling (Is this the right word?) did You use?

Nice : simple, but efficient and beautiful ! Moles design and animations awesome !

Thank you for your messages!

I exported the game from GDevelop 5 in IOS mode & Android (manual) because I have not found an option to remove the android status bar in Android direct export. (If anyone has a solution, I’m really interested!)
And then I opened the project in Intel xdk to recompile in apk from phonegap.

I tested the game on multiples android devices, and i can provide this feedback on performances :

  • tablet Lenovo Yoga tab 3 plus : No performance issue, only animation on text (on a starting game) and the dude moving his hand are not fluid, but i think it’s just because it lacks frames.
  • tablet Google Nexus 7 : like the Yoga tab, no performance issue
  • phone Alcatel Idol touch 3 : the game lag a lot, almost unplayable.

I hope this feedback will help you enhance your game.

Excellent work congratulations especially for the graphic part, and the idea is also very nice of the game, unfortunately I am impractical of games for mobile, you think you realize a version for Deskop??

Amazing project, guys!

Thanks for the tests!

I will try to improve the Android compatibility. Can anyone have ideas for correcting this type of problem?

We will also think if we make a desktop version. We hope that you will continue to post your feedback and also for the fun part, your best scores :slight_smile:!!!

I don’t know much about the better ways to enhance performances on html5 platform (and android builds), but i think that maybe you shoud try to take a look on other subjects about assets and code optimizations :
[url]Appropriate size and dimensions for a web game - #9 by MeX1Co] (in short : images => tinypng)
[url]Optimization Tip Compilation: Post Your Tips - #5 by Kink] (in short : mixing several optimization for the native platform).

Maybe try to use the less possible number of chronometers (or refresh values by “step”, instead of each millisecond), add “do once” everywhere it’s possible in events, reduce size of images/animations (better keyframe/less images)… I guess these tips works on every game engine.

Thanks for all these tips Kink.
I tried to optimize the code and image compression at best.
Maybe the choice of a resolution 2560 x 1440 px is too high for all android devices.

Is the game templet is available? I am asking cuz I am having problem of making pause button

Instead, try these 2 mb games download