Create Objects from external layout at begining of the scene

When I include objects from external layout in the action : at the beginning of the scene and in that same beginning of the scene I want to hide an object that is in the external layout it does not do it. The work around is now to make a action with a trigger once and then it does hide it. Is there a specific reason that it does not work or is this improper?

p.s. it would also be nice that when you delete a scene the warning that you are about to delete the scene which is irreversible shows the scene name that is about to be deleted.

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Put the delete action in an subevent under the “Create from external”, then it works.


You haven’t included screen snip of your code, so we don’t know how you are doing things.

I’m going on the assumption you’re creating objects and hiding them in the same event. In which case, you’ll need to put the hide action in a separate event after the create objects. I’ve experienced this myself a number of times; it’s almost like the action to create objects from external layout doesn’t make the objects available until the event has been completed (rather than as soon as the action has been performed).


Yes indeed it seems that way. In a sense now thinking about it it also makes sense it would not be available until the next action. Thanks for the comments. I solved it like jack said.

I just experienced this myself. Trying to edit objects that were added from an external layout, in the same event where they were added, doesn’t work (properly).

For example, this doesn’t work properly:

But this does:

So there’s a workaround we can use, but is this actually a bug? Why does this happen, and can/should it be fixed?