Creating an .Exe and the warnings

@4ian the devlog for the latest release said that the issue could be resolved if enough people use the app. Would it help for us to redownload Gd5 and reinstall it? (This is one of my personal issues I really want to fix. Though I admittedly don’t really know the specifics.) If there’s any way we can help, please let us know.

No, that is talking about the install and usage of the GDevelop engine itself.

You would need your own signing certificate and have the required 1000s of download/runs for your own game in order to eliminate those warnings for your game.

Thanks. I understand. I was reading something about buying a Microsoft pass for $400 a year in order to be a “Trusted Publisher” or some such. In any case, I’m not that interested right now. So, I’m assuming that people who tend to play indie games are use to stuff like that, and that I shouldn’t worry about it. Do you think that is an accurate assumption?

I cannot say if that’s accurate or not.

I regularly browse indie games on and some of them have that pop up, some of them don’t. Any indie games I get on steam never have that, but maybe using the steam launcher skips that issue?

Interesting. I will have to investigate further.