Creating continuous day and night. šŸŒ—

Hi developers,
I am working with creating continuous day and night with light effects. But there is a problem with parameters of red, green, and blue colors. It will be very helpful if dynamic variables can be used with parameters. Continuous effect cant be created without using dynamic variables.

And i also want to thanks for this software. I was searching for 2 years for a engine with free to commercial use, easy, and with possibilities as of a standard engine.

Iā€™m not sure if Iā€™m understanding your question, but you can pass variables values directly to the effects to change them in real time.

the reason it is not working for you is because when it comes to color objects the number is treated as a string, so you need to add it with ToString().
As an example of my rabbit farm:

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Thank you very much it worked. I will like to see your game.