Creating the Game Title

I’m currently making a game and I need an idea if I will choose a broad or specific title that I will use in my game. It’s a boss rush type of game and my idea is to just simply name it “Boss Rush”. Having a broader title will lead to showing almost always when a user search it but the game will shown more likely below. On the other hand, having a specific title will always on the top when searched because there’s only limited games that have the same name as yours but only few will search it (depends on how you promote your game). For example, in Google Play Store. If I name my game “Boss Rush” it more like shown at the bottom. I want to know your ideas on choosing whether broad or specific title will I choose.

I would say, avoid common words as titles to avoid being beaten by tags of popular games. If your name is unique, it should come up first.
But, that’s just a guess.