Creating two or more instances in the same scene

Let me try to explain my problem, I am creating a platform / shooter game, and one enemy in particular would have a shield. This shield would be generated on top of the enemy, with the command “create object”. I already managed to make the shield appear over the enemy perfectly. However, I can only create ONE shield at a time, if another enemy of the same type is in the scene, a second shield is not created on it, even if I put it inside the command “repeat for each instance of …”. My question is whether Gdevelop can create more than one instance at a time

Hi, yes you can. You probably have to use the “link two objects” action.

In the example below I create a random number of targets and attach to each of them a text object (“speed”). There is probably a better way to do that but it works for me and I guess it might work for you as well.

Thanks A LOT!!! The problem is that the “link” command was missing! You saved me!

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