Crowdfunding campaign to support MacOS, iOS and Android!


A crowfunding campaign has been launched on Indiegogo to improve GD! The main goals are:
-Port it to MacOS and improve Ubuntu support
-Improve the game engine and add export options so that iOS and Android are fully supported for HTML5 games.
-If we raise enough funds, the development of new features will be accelerated by third party developers!

Visit the indiegogo page of the project here:

Please don’t hesitate to share this campaign with everyone: It’s a unique opportunity to accelerate GD development and support new platforms. GD could be the first free and complete game creator for OS X and also the first free and complete game creator with a full support for iOS and Android! :slight_smile:
Any contribution is welcome! There are special rewards according to which perk you choose. In particular, beta versions will be shared with contributors when first usable versions of GD for OS X and/or first improvements for Ubuntu will be done!

Ok guys, lets get this party started and help out 4ian by spreading the news!!

Please post a link to the forum you have shared the news to or link to any articles that are promoting the campaign. Let me start with this … -campaign!!

If you would like to spread the world you can share it on twitter, facebook, g+, share it at forums or with news websites and blogs.
Post positive comments at there, just to keep the thread from sinking to page 2 while the campaign is going.

Come on we can do it :smiley:

Supported and tweeted! I’ll try to spread the news whatever other ways I can. :slight_smile:

Cool! I’ll donate some dollars when I’ll have those (payday is on 15th and currently I have only money for basic needs like food).

Thanks guy for your support :smiley:

Yeah, that’s important to share the campagin as much as possible :smiley:

started a thread at construct2’s forum: … 41#p759541

and multimedia fusion’s forum: … post627273

As the funding of the campaign is flexible, you already have the necessary amount of money to start a Steam Greenlight campaign. In my opinion it could benefit the Indiegogo campaign if you could start a Greenlight campaign right now. This way, you could draw attention of Steam community, not only on GD but also on the Indiegogo campaign and stretch goal of Steam Workshop integration which is pretty high €6000 but something that only the Steam community would be interested in, so you should reach the Steam community as soon as possible until the campaign is active and Steam Greenlight is the best way to do so imo.

I know you have to wait until the end of the campaign to get the money, but as the money is already guaranteed, maybe your family and friends could help you out with €99 to start a Steam Greenlight campaign now.

Only a suggestion.

it doesnt work that way. He has to make the minimum amount or he doesnt get anything :wink:

No, 4ian chose the flexible payment method so that he will get all the money even if the goal is not reached.

i see. Kind of missed the small print.

In such case then put it on steam greenlight as soon as possible and start the voting.

However, if you have made steam a stretch goal of 6000, then that is sort of bad, because you are kind of stuck now. Putting it on steam greenlight would be dishonest to the funders.

And its unfortunate because steam could have been another source of revenue for you. You could have sold its license there for 2-5$ and made a profit.

EDIT: but wait, the stretch goal is for integration with steam workshop. So there is no problem. Put it on steam greenlight asap and even tell people who funded it to vote through and update at indie gogo, twitter and all other accounts.

we need to post it on new places. The counter has been stuck for a while

I’ll post it on TIGSource. Please PM me content of post you posted on clickteam’s forum. I could copy it, but then I’ll need to fix all bbcode (your post is beautifully formatted so I’d like to preserve that).

I am sorry, the clickteam people got intimidated that I am posting at their forum and deleted the post without any explanation.

However it is still available at the scirra forum, where the thread got locked for being “too cheeky”. :smiley:

I guess both of them dont like competition.

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You will have to add the forum tags again.

As asked by Darkhog, here is a template of what you can post on forums to promote the campaign. Please be sure that images display correctly as well as smileys (Use preview buttons).

Game Develop’s main programmer Florian has started an indiegogo funding campaign to improve the linux version and make an OSX version :
The money from the funding will also be used to improve Gamedevelop’s tablets, iOS and Android support and even add monetization features.

Game Develop is a free and complete game creation software. It doesn’t require any programming knowledge thanks to its innovative event system and its intuitive interface. GD can be used to create native games for Windows or Ubuntu or HTML5 games for the web!
Many features are included like a physics engine, particles, engine for platformer games, pathfinding…

Here is an example of simple event destroying two game objects when they collide:

Gamedevelop is multiplatform and the development environment runs on Linux as well as windows - soon also on OSX. Natively! it is not bound any proprietary technologies and the engine is completely free.

If you like game creation, but you are a Linux or OSX user, please consider donating to the campaign. Florian has also expressed interest in open sourcing it if this campaign is successful! :smiley:

Here is a screenshot of the ribbon, a nice component of the interface. The whole interface is designed to be slick and easy to use.

Download gamedevelop and give it a spin , it runs on Windows and Ubuntu! Here is the offical website:
You can also watch a video of Game Develop used to start creating a platformer game:
and read more on the Indiegogo page:

We need your feedback!
Cheers! :smiley:

In my opinion, you should mention that on the indiegogo page, where the money is going to be spent in case the campaign is fail.
At the moment you only mention that if the campaign is funded, what you gonna do.
But as the funding is flexible, would be nice to know, what if the campaign is not funded? If somebody contribute 40 euros, that person can still expect a MacOS and or improved Ubuntu version? If somebody contribute 200 euros and select a feature to be implemented, that feature can be implemented even if the campaign fail? Also, Steam release mentioned only as a bonus, because normally “bonus” is given only if goal is met, this is also a question to me, can we expect a Steam release even if the goal is not met and campaign is fail?
As the funding is flexible you should mention these things and where the money is going to be spent.

If somebody contribute on indegogo, that person in 1st place would like to see a specified feature, to support development in general is only 2nd on contributors list in my opinion at least in case of higher perks.
Because of that, I would suggest to mention that, where the money is going to be spent in case the campaign is fail, and update the information as the money rise. This information could motivate people to contribute and select higher perks imo.

As the funding is flexible at the moment there is a (theoretical) risk if somebody contrubte to see a specific feature, maybe the money is going to be spent on beer in case of fail or spent on a feature that the contributor is not interested in and this could hold people back from contribute or select higher perks.