Uhm I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it’s not coded to do so but whenever I try to undo something by pressing CTRL+Z it just does nothing so I have to click the undo button up which is pretty annoying for someone used to work in programs like Photoshop, so if it’s just a bug please fix it, if it’s not meant to do so, please make an option for it to do so and if it’s already there but with other combination of keys pressed please let me know lol.

I second this, would be very useful to have.
I don’t know what platform OP was using, but I’m on Linux, using exactly version “4.0.92003-1~wily” of gdevelop and as of now, Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y do not work in the scene editor, although they do in the event editor.
Perhaps they should just be bound to the same callback that gets executed when the respective GUI buttons are pressed, to ensure they are working consistently. Maybe they are, but there is a bug? I don’t know.

If anyone needs this usability feature, it is now implemented in the master branch.