Curious if there's a way to maintain order when I

Copy and paste a bunch of actions in Gdevelop. They always jumble up when I paste them. Is there a way to maintain the same order I copied when I paste it? I am doing a lot of files with a lot of lines where I have to copy and paste and it would save me a bunch of time if they stayed in the same order as when I copy them. Is there a certain way I need to click them when holding shift before I copy them?

Anyone out there have this same issue and know how to rectify it?

Let me know thanks.

The easy way to do it is add a new group put all inside the group and copy/paste the entire group, that is what I do.

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I didn’t even know you could group your actions really? I will take a look thanks.

OMG! I cannot believe it was that simple LOL. Thanks for your help bud! I just had to copy the left hand side and they all stayed together. I’m glad I actually took the time to try to get that instead of wasting hours re-ordering it all HAHA!