Cy: Cyberpunk Survivors is available for Android on the Play Store!

Yeeehaw! We finally dun made it to the big leagues - Cy is available on the Play Store for 50% off it’s regular price! You can own it forever for the low sum of $1.49! That’s a STEAL! If any of you buy it, please write a review. Getting exposure on the play store seems very difficult at this point.

Have an amazeballz day!



As far as I can tell, Google Play doesn’t even try to show your game to anyone anymore. My guess is that unless you’re a big income earner, the only way to get visibility now is to pay. Does anyone have any experience with all of this?

My experience as an ordinary user:
I can’t really find any good indie like games (pay and play) easily in the playstore.

The ones which are shown directly to me in the starting page, are games which have apparently (!) high numbers of sales, high numbers of users or are running ads for months in other apps (and of course they all have a lot of micro transaction and/or ads). But that is, well, speculation…

If I find something interesting, it is mostly from some youtubers with a very lower sub-count, after hours of research of course and a lot of luck.

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Yes, that seems to be my experience as well. Thank you.