Deal with instances on editor - Instances List can't select more than 1 instance and It's possible pick locked instances

I can’t take more than one instance using Instances List. I tried buttons shift, ctrl, alt, left/right/scroll of mouse and nothing.

To make it even more difficult to manage, the locked instances can be picked on editor in this way:

I downloaded Gdevelop 4 for test how it works on old version and both things works fine. It’s not possible pick locked instances and I can select more than 1 instance using the list.

Exist another issue with Instances List, but it was reported before: [Good first issue] Instances List selection style bug - GDevelop general / Bugs reports - GDevelop Forum (

I’m using Windows 10.

You are right. We can select the Locked instances of object like that.
I don’t know if we could previously select multiple instances using the Instance List so I don’t know if that’s a bug or not.

With Gdevelop 5 I don’t know too, but I tested it with Gdevelop 4 and works.