Death/Alive (App Published!)

Hi, i’m Mugi and i’ve decided to work on this little project to learn more about gdevelop and game development at all.

This is a digital version of the classic brasilian game “Death/Alive” in a free translation. The game consists in follow the orders of the master when he says Dead or Alive, for example: When the master shouts “Alive(Vivo)” you(the player) should stand up and when he says “Die(Morto)” you should crouch.

It is already out, you can check it out by this link:

I will be posting my updates there and here too, hope you like it, thanks!!



Are the graphics yours? Looking great :clap:
My game could use some nicer graphics :angel:

Hi, yes, the graphics are mine, haha. Thanks!!
I’ve played your games for a while, that must took some work to do all the programming, very nice.

If you want to talk about art, just send me a message, man.

So, today i’ve finally got back to this game. This game are being produced to mobile platform because i guess that it’s a better way to be playing it.

With that being said i’ve had to implement some touch controls and it’s been working very well. It’s very simple thought.

Here is a video where you can see the game in action(Turn off the sound --"):

The small green square that appears in the screen is the touch coordinates comparator.

Hope you like it;

Hi, guys.

I’m here today because my app is finally out. It is a very simple project but i’ve tried to do my best to make a nicely polished little game, so i hope you like it!

I’ve learned a lot with it. It has a crescent dificulty and can be very challenging as you go. I’ve learned some stuff about the touch screen commands and what can i do with it as well.

You can find it here:



Nice simple game! I love the art too. :+1::+1::+1: