Debug console extension

Hello dear comunity! I had a new idea, and as I can’t support anymore to have 1000 ideas and never do any/have any finished, I picked this easy one, and proudly present today the first version of my Debug Console. It is meant principally for debugging, but can be used in games to add mechanisms like the commands from minecraft.
It has an action, activateConsole, that turn on an invisible text entry and automatically detects command patterns and execute what you want. I recommend to map the buffer to a text object with the expression getBufferedText to see what you are entering. When you are done with it, you can hide your text and just deactivate the console. You can define custom commands by creating an event with a condition Command … is entered, and get arguments with either the expression or by storing all arguments into a struct.
If you know some JS, you can also map any function to a command!
Just do like this:

    "Command Name", 
    function(commandArgs) {
        whatever().__you_want = 666;

All you need is a function that takes one argument and there you are! You can map it to any name, but be careful! A name is not allowed to have spaces (or it will break)!

Here is the download link: Game Jolt - Games for the love of it

I Took much time, an entier day and an entier night to create that, I didn’t sleep and it’s 6 AM for me right now, and I gave much efforts, so I would really like it if you could try it out and give me some feedback, so that I can make it better.

I also need people here to tell me what I should add as default commands.

If this extension is really useful to you, and you are ESPECIALLY nice you could also donate me a coffee on to support me. It would help me to motivate myself to do more for the comunity if I see they enjoy what I produce that much that some people here feel like they should donate me a mug of coffee.

Anyways, I hope you all have a great day, Bye!


This is really cool.
Thanks a lot .

Maybe you should also sell staff on They can also pay you directly and from my experience it is becoming the most popular option for indie devs and creators.
The cool thing about it, you can create pages with free content and add optional paid content, so you can have a free and paid version of your staff on one page while also accept donations and they are currently experimenting with DLC options to be able to sell DLC content on one page.

So I highly recommend to give it a try :+1:

I am already on gamejolt and they have already this feature, thank you. DLC managed by a launcher is a bad idea in my opinin, if I were to ever make some I would create the DLC system in the game directly.

I meant the store going to support sometime in the future to mark certain files as “DLC” meaning, it is require to own the base product before purchase and require to be purchased separately.

So if the base product is free you can still sell other versions with more features for example on the same page, no need different product pages.

But I never used GameJolt before, don’t know if it any better. Is it?

Personally, I prefer it. It has pretty much all the important features of itch, and a really good game api (that automatically disables itself when the game is online and the debugging console is openend to avoid cheating) that permits to have trophies, scoreboards and to store data on the account. Pretty much what facebook instant game promise but without the struggle and partage possibilities limitation and with trophies. I made an extension that already handles the trophies and scoreboard (I think I don’t know anymore if I released it.) on the same page as the debug console extension. You can get a test trophie if you start the online game.

The second thing I like on gamejolt is visibility. There are so much games on itch that they “drown” in the mass of games and not much people discover it. Or at least it’s my most probable guess. I only noticed that there is much more people downloading my stuff on gamejolt than on itch.

A last thing is “monetization”. When you create an online game, Gamejolt will automatically display ads next to the game canvas, and you get some money back out of it.

The only thing that I think might be interresting but are missing on gamejolt are Sales and Coop-Bundles. Well, theoretically you can publish a gamelog telling sale and reduce the price of your game before switching it back but that’s not the same.

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Thanks a lot. It is actually sounds pretty good.

I did have a look and GameJolt even support wallet, which means I can keep and spend my money on GameJolt. Currently, charge you 10% each month if you don’t take your money within 12 months which is a problem if you are making only few bucks here and there because the transaction may cost you more than the actual money you have on
The only option then is to get the money directly but then you need to take care of taxes which is again, may cost more than you make depends on where you live.

GameJolt does not mention anything like this just that you get the money directly or you can keep it in your wallet and they take care of all taxes. Wondering if that’s the case also if I get the money directly.
People was begging on for a similar wallet system instead of this 10% charge after 12 months but is not ready to maintain anything like that and maybe they don’t even want to because by the end of the day they can literally take all your money if you don’t take it which is better for them.

It did turned out weird, I was the one who was offer to go to itch but turned out maybe I am going to be the one who move the GameJolt :sweat_smile:

edit:// though, at the moment it seems GameJolt do not have tags and categories for tools and game content but focusing on games only which can be a problem in long term :thinking: