Debugger doesn't open from the menu bar in the preview

The debugger doesn’t open from the menu bar option in the preview anymore.
To reproduce the steps: Run a preview. Select Open Debugger in the View tab of the menu bar in the preview.

Hello, Lucky-j

Here it is working (using last version 5.1.160, desktop version and Linux Mint XFCE 20.3). Are there any more steps to reproduce the bug? I say this because I’ve seen some bugs that needed very specific steps to be reproduced.

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I’m not sure. It just stopped working for me awhile back. I figured after an install on 2 other systems and it’s not working on either of them, that it was broken.

The only thing I know is that the debugger tab opens, but it doesn’t identify any preview if Gdevelop is blocked through the firewall (regardless of being connected to the internet or not). But your problem looks different. And if you installed in 2 other systems and got the same problem probably there is something… maybe some other user can reproduce.

Yeh in my case the debugger tab just won’t open from the option in the preview menu bar. It will open from the same option in the GDevelop menu and from the drop down by the preview button. Actually, nothing in the preview menu bar works for me unless it directly effects the preview window or opens a browser to go to one of the links in Help. But I don’t know if, for example, Show Home ever worked from the preview menu bar so I can’t say if that’s unusual.

Anyway, since finding out it’s still working, I’ll just chalk it up as a mystery on my end. It does have me wondering what the common denominator 3 different computers and 2 different operating systems have that make it not work for me. The only thing I can think of that I do the same on every computer I own is switch the primary mouse button and I can’t see how that would be an issue.

Edit to say I just asked to install GDevelop on a computer in this house that is not mine. This person does not have their primary mouse button as the right button. It doesn’t work on their pc either. So I can both rule that out as an issue and actually be a little relieved that I’m not the only person it doesn’t work for haha.

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