Debugger is showing non-existent variables inside of seven structures variables

Hello, people!!! :vulcan_salute:

Sorry if the title didn’t look very good…
I know that the debugger tool has a limit when it shows child variables. But I found something strange when I created a variable inside of 7 structure variables:

The Debugger shows as if it has 18 variables inside of the last structure, and none of them is the correct string variable (and I tested with boolean and numeric variable too and the same problem occurs):

Just to clarify, it’s an empty project without events.

Now I started some tests. First, using a Text Object I tried to show the value of my original text variable “Texto”. And it’s there:

Then, I saved it in a file using the action “Save a scene variable into a JSON file”. It shows just the right variable :+1::

It seems that the problem is only with the Debugger. Again, I know it has a limit, but it showed as if there were 18 variables instead of my only variable… This can be confusing.

Oh, and one more important thing! If I change the last structure variable (in my example is the “Setima”) to the type array, the debugger will always crash when I click to show the scene variables.