Deck of Darkness: Infernal Depths Kickstarter

Hello all! I’m going to be launching a kickstarter for my upcoming game, Deck of Darkness: Infernal Depths on Monday 4/15. It’s a 3D fantasy horror action RPG in the spirit of the Diablo series. The goal is to collect cards from the legendary Deck of Darkness, which gives you more powerful attacks and abilities. It’s a true roguelike so no two playthroughs will be alike. It’s going to be available through Steam (PC, macOS, and Linux [Steam Deck]), and for Android and iOS.

Any follows/wishlists are mega appreciated!

The Kickstarter:

You can look under the hood here:

On Steam:


Deck of Darkness: Infernal Depths is now live! You get get an extra discount in the first 24+ hours!

Over 60% funded after day one! Come join the fun!

As of this morning, DOD: IF is 136% funded. Two more days to go! A big, special thanks to everyone who has made this possible!


Congrats on the Kickstarter. Amazing work on the game!

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Thank you! Excited about it!