Default 3d textures blink. WithThreeJs doesn't have such problem. Any solutions?

The first video is gdevelop default 3d. Look at the textures far from the camera. It blink during camera movement. No matter what’s the speed of the camera or a type of movement. It’s always like this. It hurts human’s eyes. I tried to make a space skybox in default 3d and it looks absolutely disgusting in default 3d. While WithThreeJs 3d doesn’t have this blinking in skybox or textures. The video has not the best quality. In a real game it feels much more terrible.
The second video is WithThreeJs 3d for comparison - it’s smooth.

  • The texture blinking is due to the MipMap default settings in the 3D built-in feature.
  • See also to change the Far rendering in the 3D layer, to get more perspective with the 3D built-in feature.

For the mipmap I didn’t saw an option for it yet.