Defying Gravity

Hello to everyone from the W&A Interactive team. Today, after working on some game mechanics, we found the solution to something that has been bothering us for a hot minute… Can a character walk up the walls, and on the ceiling? The answer, is a resounding YES! We are sharing this bit of knowledge, in the event someone who was/is/will be in our same predicament regarding gravity, find a good starting point to work from! We would love to hear from you guys!

-Yours Truly,
W&A Interactive Team.

Thanks for sharing. It looks quite hacky. :smile:
Why are you not using Physics all the way? :slight_smile:

Here’s a draft:

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Hello Gruk, thanks for the feedback!

It most certainly is hacky! We did not post this as an “end it all” solution on how to elegantly present a solution to this particular problem. Instead we wanted share with all of you the result of our brainstorming and learning process in order for us to get to know the community and continue learning.
Hence why you do not see a polished version using only Physics.

Point to fact, the event system in your image is very well done, we all agreed it is more polished than ours.

Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts and you’re welcome!

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