Delay to Trigger Action

Hey guys just made a new tutorial about a new extension I made.


when is it possible to download it ?

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that extension link is in description


Looks good! It’s much better than using timers and variables…


I’ve been waiting for something like this for so long. Thanks for sharing.


Guy’s there is nothing new here, why you are so happy?
This is nothing more a timer in backend of this extension:

I don’t understand your infatuation, someone can explain me?

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My point of view is that maintenance is faster.
One of the problems with this type of programming is that the sources are very cumbersome to read.

I have my own extensions to simulate a delay but this is more simple than mines, and I think for beginners is more simple to understand, so the users doesn’t have to add timers at the begin and control the timer lifecycle.
Me in particular I requested this feature or something like Wait in Construct 2/3
But with no luck, in the past been ignored as much others of my features request, no problem I understand this is a community. Not because of my needs you developers has to add the feature.
Plus I’m involved into GDevelop 5, tried to contribute adding some extensions and templates all denied by moderators, again no problem I know this is a community.

So when I see a new extension, I am happy for the developer. I also imagine that encouraging him will help him to continue with new ideas to develop.

Sorry for writing so much it struck a chord this morning.


@UlisesFreitas It’s fine, no worries.

Many extensions are rejected because of the problem of is it an extension that just wraps something simple or is it an extension that brings real interest.

Here it’s both.

I would like to integrate the extension that is presented here because I understand that people don’t want to take the time to understand the timers, and it’s simpler.

But I’m not the only one to make the decisions, sometimes when I approve an ext they are canceled because it doesn’t fit everyone’s vision.

@Ruhan If you really want to have this extension in GD, you’ll have to submit it on theextensions repository, and for everyone, I suggest to argue and give your opinion on the submission.

I think simplifying a “wait” could be useful.

However, unless I’m missing something from the events, this delay is only going to work once for any given event. While the timer is reset at the end, the timer itself never gets unpaused after the first time it returns true.

So if you have an event that you need to delay every time, these events wouldn’t work.

Uhhh well this extension was just for slight help during development nothing that complex in code also. So I am not sure will it be a proper thing to submit on the extensions repository. I have some similar actions in my personal code library which I use my day to day development… and I just wanted to share this one with all :smile::hugs:

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Hey I am interested to know about your Delay function if possible … I was trying to make this one more simple so that it can be used only with a single command (Kinda similar to trigger once but with a small Timer)