Delete Unused Assets


When we import an asset, gdevelop asks if we would like to create a copy in the project folder.

If we stop using that asset, we can go to resources and ask for the unused assets to be removed or deleted from the project.

But the actual copy of the file stays in the project folder, even tho its no longer part of the project on our request.

Can you make a prompt that asks “Would you like to delete the asset in the Project Folder as well?” or something like that.

As im experimenting with things i add and remove a lot of assets… at this point its such a big mess, i have no idea which ones are in use and which ones are left over from experiments, would be nice to be able to just clean it up.

The devs have said a few times in the past that GDevelop will explicitly never delete files in the project folder for a few reasons, although I can’t find the older posts currently. (This includes even by dev opt in. The idea is that way the only option for full file deletion is by the dev manually browsing to the folder and deleting the files, to avoid potential accidents)

You can always keep only the files actively in your resources tab by using the “save as” functionality and choosing a new folder to save. Only files currently linked in the resources tab will be brought over.

I supose thats a work around…

I have no idea how things actually work under the hood and i dont like to talk out of my butt… but…

I dont quite get it, the assets are being used by GDevelop, the program is getting their location, it also knows exactly which ones are in use in the project, and which ones arent.

Also, theres a “Action” that specifically can delete a specified file (i think), so its not like the tech isnt there.

More so, the assets that we bring in, arent being moved, their being copied into the project folder, so no real harm done i guess.

Besides, im not saying, make GDevelop delete files on their own, im saying give us the option to prompt it, the same way we can “delete” unsed ones from the project since all the tech is there anyways, at least as far as i can tell…

But hey, if it cant be done, then nothing we can do about it, just seems odd.

Thanks anyways for taking an interest :slight_smile: