Deleting a file in the resources page doesn't actually delete the file

I deleted a lot of unused images inside of the resources page, but to my surprise I found out that the files aren’t actually deleted, they are just made inaccessible in the events for some reason.

I was always wondering why when I reuploaded a file it would have the number “2” at the end. When I went inside of the actual projects folder, I found tons and tons of unused images that were supposed to be deleted, and I spent about 30 minutes cleaning everything up.

Please fix this!

Unfortunately, this is expected behavior. The engine is currently designed to never delete files in the project folder. The resources tab is for files being used within the project, not files within the folder.

Edit: there’s some conversations about potential changes in the future that you can read about here: Option to delete unused files (previous name: Menu option to open project folder using the native file manager) · Issue #3014 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

However, at this point this is working as intended.


Well that shouldn’t be the case, because if a developer is not aware of that, it could cause the file size to be bigger than it should be and they might think GDevelop makes big file sizes. If I delete a file, that means I want it actually deleted!

Files in your folder that are not linked as resources are not included in exported games.

They are not included in the build process either, and have no impact on the game filesize.


Well that’s good to know, but the unused files still exist inside of my file explorer regardless meaning they still take up space on my computer, and I don’t like wasting space that much especially since I usually store the project folder on dropbox so I usually end up having to go inside the project folder and permanently deleting the unused stuff and it’s like a minigame every time I want to delete something lol.

While I understand your use case, as I mentioned, this is not a bug. This is as the developers intended currently.

Feel free to follow along in the thread I posted above to see if other options become available in the future, though.

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